When I is replaced with we even illness becomes wellness.
— Malcolm X


Today, December 10th, International Human Rights Day, we remember that ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE BORN FREE AND EQUAL IN DIGNITY AND RIGHTS.  

Article 1 - Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

On this day, I am launching Volume ONE of Art 4 the Love (A4L).

Art 4 the Love of our migrant and deportee loved ones holding on to hope at the U.S., Mexico border. 

The original artwork adorning these woven blankets was hand drawn by me during the course of a 72 hour meditation on freedom, love, and solidarity. 

Only 5 original woven solidarity blankets have been produced for this Art 4 the Love launch.

 Get yours now! 

Minimum Donation(s): 

$200 for 50” x 60” (throw blanket) 

$300 for 60” x 80” (covers surface of queen, fits full mattress w/fabric to tuck, beautiful as a tapestry) 

Simply email me at art4thelove@gmail.com and let me know what size blanket you would like to purchase and for how much, at or above the minimum donation. 

100% of the proceeds from the sale of these limited edition solidarity blankets will go directly to the International Community Foundations Border Fund

I am in community with the loved ones running the ICF’s Border Fund and can attest to the fact that all donations will go toward providing resources to shelters in Tijuana, Mexico where staff are working around the clock to help people meet their basic human needs. More women, men, and children are showing up every day. 

Will you join me in moving this Art 4 the Love of our migrant and deportee family members? 

All my love,