Zahyr Lauren, also known as The Artist L.Haz, creates in order to share light and love with community. Each piece is a time period of meditative peace for Zahyr. All of Z's artwork is hand drawn.

Z is the youngest of four siblings from San Jose, California. Z comes from a powerful, southern black matriarchy that migrated from Oklahoma and Mississippi to California with nothing, and made something for generations to come.  

Z is a West Coast based artist, humanstorian, and community attorney who began drawing in 2015. 

The practice of meditative art, for Z, has become a mental and emotional salve, helping to cope with the trauma of coming from the injustice systems most heavily targeted community. The practice provides a meditative reprieve from the world and the artist hopes the work engulfs other people in the same kind of peace that was felt during each works creation.  


The Artist is self represented and excited about commissions and collaborations! 


Sunrise to sunset. Heart and mind for the people. 

Sunrise to sunset. Heart and mind for the people. 



I create two-dimensional works on paper that honor the truth that life is at once a precisely organized experience and a chaotic mess. Expressed through my use of saturated and imposing color, repetitive shapes, and the illusion of perfectly symmetrical composition, my drawings grapple with this difficult reality. I use sacred geometric forms in my artwork to acknowledge that this, and duality in general, is beyond a human experience. It is seen in all of nature and the universe. Though I am particularly interested in how duality is uniquely experienced by Black folks. Through a visual language of symbols, color, and geometry, my art creates space for the expression of Black pride, power, and regality, alongside pain and grief.

I draw with a variety of materials, including marker, paint, metallic calligraphy pen, and ink. I am often not intentional about the orientation of a piece, and as I create, I draw from all angles of the paper. My academic background in mathematics deeply influences my approach to artmaking. I draw lines with triangle squares, shape templates, and rulers, approaching each drawing as an architect models space. While the two-dimensional worlds that I create are abstract, they often contain concrete references to the natural world. I research and map out sacred geometric patterns, from the structure of bee communities, to the physical form of pineapples. I listen to repetitive, ambient music while I draw, creating from the space where art and science (or chaos and order) meet.

Drawings are sites of connection. Whether in the interaction of shapes and colors on paper, or in how viewers interpret my work through the lens of their own experiences and cultural references. My drawings are an exploration of the universality of color and shape, and ultimately, the basic commonality of human and non-human experience. 

Black and gold pyramids and triangles are present in all of my work. I draw them to honor and represent the brilliance of ancient African civilizations, and the beauty of Black people in general. Pyramids point to all that exists above, and are grounded in the history of what is below the plane that we occupy. I use pyramids to support each drawing, pulling from their strength and stability. No matter what turmoil is happening in the world of a drawing, or in our wider social and political reality, pyramids and black ingenuity are unbreakable. As a creator, I draw inspiration from the magic and beauty of Black folks. I began drawing as a way to get centered, relax, and find respite amidst intensifying racial injustice in our world. My work is an affirmation of Black strength and creative genius, born of resilience through struggle.